CS313 Team Project

For our CS 313 Java Team Project we have created a digital signage solution that can be used in company break rooms or waiting rooms to relay information to employees or guests. On the manager page of the project the user has the ability to add announcements to a data base and videos from some preconfigured YouTube channels using the YouTube API. The videos and announcements can then be viewed from one of two different viewing configurations. “Brk Rm View” and “Brk Rm View 2”.

For this project to work correctly you will have you will need to be running Chrome as a guest user or the YouTube API will attempt to authenticate with the account you are logged in as. When prompted to log in you will need to use the log in credentials for the cs313teamjava@gmail.com email address we have created to be used with this project. The credentials will be attached to our submission txt file.

After you have logged in, the videos will automatically be added to the playlist embedded on the view page. We also set any comments to be cleared. When a new comment is added any comment that is over six days old will automatically be erased from the database.

We created two YouTube viewing screens for a breakroom/waiting room audience to watch selected videos with announcements that have been added to the database.

We also created a page to add announcements and comments for managers